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mandag 19. april 2010

How Soon Is Now..

I love rings! I just fell in love with this picture.. I am finally (almost) in the last stages of my paper. So I promise not to write any more about it.. I think..
I am in this weird stage right now, where I am longing for summer and freedom, and all I get is a bit of snow and the boring walls inside the library. I am praying for some luck, and hope that the summer and freedom will come soon enough.

Peace & Love

3 kommentarer:

Princess of many sorts sa...

I loved those rings...and the nails were fab to:)

I am a follower :)
Have a nice day - SP

HAL sa...

Pamela Love! This ring has hinges which is very cool. I'll probably not be able to resist picking it up, even though I need it like a hole in the head ;)

Lise sa...

SP: thanks :)My thoughts exactly.

Hal: I know, it's awesome!