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I'm a hippie at heart with a deep love for rock 'n roll. I love fashion, art, people, Beatles, big cities, faux fur, coffee, tatoos, wine, red lipstick, rock n' roll, cigarettes, clutches, dresses, music, leather, London, lace, books, green and white tea, Bob Dylan, politics, hippies, inspiration, memories, sequins, nailpolish, conserts, Nirvana, summer, shabby things, chai latte, incense, to write, grunge, autumn, magazines, Velvet Underground & Nico, flea markets, Berlin, vintage, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, fringes, big earrings, Camden and sometimes changes.

mandag 30. august 2010

Here's to the future, and the dreams of youth..

Thank god, I FINALLY managed to upload these pictures. I have been trying since my last post. I love this boho/hippie-tunic/dress-thingy. It's from H&M and "Fashion Against Aids". The pattern is amazing, and the fabric is almost like silk. Plus, it's long enough to wear as a dress. Of course (as usual) I didn't realize that my messy room would show in the background, but just ignore it.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful day - and spend all your time smiling!


torsdag 26. august 2010

New tattoo!

I've got a new tattoo! And I love it. I had to get something that I could built on later. I don't really know if I want a sleeve, but I do want more than only this on my arm.

How do you guys feel about tattoos?


søndag 22. august 2010

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And we're caught in a crossfire of heaven and hell..

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of blogging, but I have been laying sick for the past week. It probably didn't get any better when I tried to work while I was sick. But anyhow, I am alive and well, and blogging will gett better.
Of course, since I've been sick I've been terrible at the work out front, and I am craving a work out, so my sunday will be at the gym, then home to relax with a few movies and some tea. Since I have the hughest girl crush on Sienna Miller, and slightly Kiera Knigthley, it's quite possible I will have to watch Factory Girl or something.

Oh, and I finally got Bloglovin'. Better late than never, so follow me!

Peace out

fredag 13. august 2010

I think I'd like to go back home, and take it easy..

I forgot to post these photos a few days ago.. I bought this shirt at work, and it's cheap! Cheap & looks good - that's one good combination.
I am finally back home where I'm studying. I have about one more week before school starts again. I'm excited, though. I'm hoping for a good year, after all it's my last year up here before i move to Oslo.

Wishing you all peace and happiness!

Shirt; H&M, Bracelets; BodyMap and Primark.

søndag 8. august 2010


My Aunt and Unckle got married this weekend (which is why I haven't blogged in a few days). This is me and my Dad, with a pretty nice landscape behind us. It was an amazing wedding - I had a blast.


Outfit; H&M, shoes; DinSko