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søndag 9. januar 2011

In the valley of tears

Yes, this is my bookshelf. Why are there clothes there, you might ask. I'll tell you why. Because my closet it full, my drawer has almost collapsed (don't think it could handle the weight of my tops and sweaters), so this was my last option. I will seriously marry the person that gives me a walk-in-closet. I am going to Paris in February for my birthday, and I am considering a shopping-stop until that. I think my shelves/closet/drawer will appreciate it.


5 kommentarer:

Girl about Oslo sa...

Yes probably:)
Have a great day.

Christina sa...

Sikkert ikke dumt å drøye shoppinga til da. :) Hvor lenge skal du være der? Jeg misunner deg å dra til Paris!! Savner å være der... :)

Lise sa...

Girl about Oslo: it probablu would be easier not to work at H&M :P

Christina: sant, sant.. Evt til Stockholm, som jeg skal prøve på helga før. Jeg skal være der fra 4.-9. februar. Det blir kos :)

Sherrie Cola sa...

Ahh maybe sell some? make some money to get some classic pieces so then you maybe don't need so much?

Lise sa...

Sherrie Cola: you know, I thought about it. I just don't know where to sell them!