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fredag 27. mai 2011

I ain't never seen nothing like a Galway girl

I've been wanting to go to Ireland for a long time now, but lately I've been wanting it even more. I guess I am picturing this dream scenario, with beautiful nature (which I really can't complaing about, considering the fact that I live in Norway), handsome-guitar playin'-singing Irish men, with pubs and Irish songs.. I'm a huge daydreamer, and this is occupying my mind at the moment. Why, you say? Because of this:

This is one sad movie. Seriously, I start crying just talking about it (not kidding - I was gonna explain it to my boyfriend, and I started crying). I'm not gonna write a movie review here, you guys just have to watch it yourselves. And now I am reading the book. It's 500 pages, and I've read 400 of them for the past 6 days. Yup, it's good. Anyway, I hope my next vacation will be Ireland.


P.S. I will be a better blogger from now on. But I think I might change a bit. Maybe a bit more lifestyle, and everything that inspires me - not just fashion.

4 kommentarer:

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

lucky you! nyt helgen

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

som har vært i NY, altså.. he he. så får ny reise stå på planen:)

Lise sa...

Ja, det var en deilig tur :) Takk, i like måte! Det kommer alltids en ny tur. Det er bare synd at impulsene kommer fortere enn lommeboka klarer å henge med :P

Jessica sa...

Go there! I studied there for a while and it was Amazing! Just as dreamy and romantic as I thought it would be... I stayed both in Galway and Dublin, both great but Dublin ruled! Though it was about ten years ago now.. But id love to go back!
I have to watch this movie, never seen it... And also, if you havnt seen the movie "Once" you should watch it..!
Have fun!