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fredag 5. februar 2010

Harmony and understanding...

I'm thinking about having bangs again. I've seen tons of pictures with girls who have bangs, and I am considering it. The only problem is that I have a tendency to regret every time that I do something like that. But nevertheless. I think I'm gonna give it a go once again.
On a different note, I am looking at a busy weekend. Today I am going to a party a friend of mine is throwing, and tomorrow is my birthday, where I'll be having the girls over for dinner, then going out with some other friends that I am celebrating with. I am looking forward to it. Nevertheless, I am getting pretty comfortable, maybe too comfortable, on the couch, so I suppose I have to get up, and not sit back down.

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 kommentarer:

Karobaro sa...

I love bangs!! But OMG it's boring trying to let it grow out after a heavy bang-period:-(

Good luck - I'm in the growing-period right now and I sure need both luck and faith;-)

Lise sa...

I know! But still, it might be worth it.

Thank you :)