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I'm a hippie at heart with a deep love for rock 'n roll. I love fashion, art, people, Beatles, big cities, faux fur, coffee, tatoos, wine, red lipstick, rock n' roll, cigarettes, clutches, dresses, music, leather, London, lace, books, green and white tea, Bob Dylan, politics, hippies, inspiration, memories, sequins, nailpolish, conserts, Nirvana, summer, shabby things, chai latte, incense, to write, grunge, autumn, magazines, Velvet Underground & Nico, flea markets, Berlin, vintage, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, fringes, big earrings, Camden and sometimes changes.

onsdag 12. november 2008

I feel the storm is getting closer..

Remember the jacket that I bid for in Ebay? I GOT IT :D I was so happy.. There were only two downsides to it all; 1) the time difference. I had to wake up 4.15 in the morning to watch the item. And of course, when it was all over, I was wide awake, and couldn't sleep. There's irony for you.. 2) it got to be a bit more expensive that I had hoped for. Actually a lot more.. But it doesn't matter, really. It is so pretty :) Plus, what are Mastercards for, anyway?! ;) Still.. Nr. 1 still has a hold on me. I'm at school, I've already had too much coffee, and I have a termpaper to write. Well, well.. I'll survive.

Ah, my favourite closet in the whole, wide world.. Almost, anyway. Oh, and there's a second Sex and the City-movie coming :) Everyone knows that already, probably, I have just forgotten to write anything about it until now...

4 kommentarer:

Miss Jenny sa...

Gratulerer! Vet du hvor du ønsket deg den jakken.. Gleder meg til å se den på ;-) Det er sånne ting som verdt å stå opp for :-P


Lise sa...

Tusen takk :) Ja, den var høyt på ønskelista.

Silje sa...

Grats with the jacket!=) Hope to se a picture of it!=)

Lise sa...

Takk :) Bilder kommer, vettu!