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søndag 5. april 2009

Baby, you'll be famous..

I have no idea where, or when I found this picture, but I do remember that the second I saw it, I sort of related to it (yes, I do understand that there is no semblance, but I'm allowed to dream). I wouldn't mind being this girl - not necessarily the one on stage, but perhaps the one waiting for the guitarist backstage ;) Yes, I would like to be a 70's groupie.

Right now I am going to read InStyle and just relax.. It's been a hard weekend (I've been to a pirate party), so I need to do something a tad more relaxing :P


3 kommentarer:

Noshabelle sa...

Herlig bilde - har det selv! ;D
Skulle ønske at jeg selv levde på 70-tallet! Herlig tid med masse herlig musikk! Groupie 4ever!

Julie sa...

Hva mener du med at du er sliten etter helga? haha! jeg mener.. GGGrrrr...

Ara sa...

det bildet er så nice! relaterer veldig jeg å, enda jeg egentlig ikke lever no rock&roll livsstil akkurat... :P