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I'm a hippie at heart with a deep love for rock 'n roll. I love fashion, art, people, Beatles, big cities, faux fur, coffee, tatoos, wine, red lipstick, rock n' roll, cigarettes, clutches, dresses, music, leather, London, lace, books, green and white tea, Bob Dylan, politics, hippies, inspiration, memories, sequins, nailpolish, conserts, Nirvana, summer, shabby things, chai latte, incense, to write, grunge, autumn, magazines, Velvet Underground & Nico, flea markets, Berlin, vintage, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, fringes, big earrings, Camden and sometimes changes.

onsdag 27. mai 2009

There we were, a generation lost in space..

I bought a new tunica :) I've always been a little hippie, but especially during summer it gets a little strengthen.. Had an exam yesterday, so at least I'm done with one. I figured out that I could take a day off after the exam, so I went down town and bought some clothes, drank some coffee, and then went to Julie to drink som wine. It was a good night. But now it's back to school - I have another exam in a week.
Have a great day, everyone!

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Noshabelle sa...

Utrolig fin tunika! Digger den. :)