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lørdag 2. mai 2009

Summer in the city..

Reasons for why summer is the best:
- BBQ with friends!
- Lighter clothing (read: dresses!)
- Summer crushes..
- The warming sun
- You somehow manage to have more memories, and do more with the people you love in the summer time.
These pictures are from the BBQ we had yesterday at Mariam's place. It was really fun :) I'm not in any of the picture's, by the way (or maybe in the background in one of them.. Other people seem to look better in pictures than me). Today, we'll be eating seafood, which is one of my favourites..
Hope everyine has an amazing weekend :D

2 kommentarer:

Noshabelle sa...

Åå, så koselig! Jeg elsker sommer!!

CaraMia ♥Hippie Couture♥ sa...

the summertime is great for friends and good bbq! :)