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fredag 18. desember 2009

Money doesn't talk, it swears - Bob Dylan

I love harem pants, I love sequins which makes this the perfect combo! I will definetely be using these alot during Christmas. I went Christmas shopping in San Francisco today. San Fran is such a beautiful city, especially before Christmas. I will post some pictures later.

Sequined harem pants from H&M.

2 kommentarer:

Noshabelle sa...

Din heldig heldige jente! Shoppe i selveste statene - det vil jeg og! Men uansett - buksene var sykt kule. Jeg kler ikke sånne, men syns de er så fine på folk som passer det. Gleder meg til å se bilder :)

hayley sa...

those are fantastic! it would be impossible to pull those off where i live so i am jealous!

xx, hayley