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søndag 1. mars 2009

Waiting for a girl, she has no money anywhere..

Can't remember exactly where I found this picture, but I really like it. Adore the combination of ribbed t-shirt, chains and rolled up jeans. I want this look.. Perhaps I should try a little project where I rip up a white t-shirt. Yeah, that sounds like an idea..

Today's been a typical sunday, where I basically haven't done anything. I like my sundays - purely relaxation (and a Sex and the City marathon). Had a typical great night out last night - drinking some wine with a friend, then went out with my neighbours, and met new people. I must say that being a student isn't so bad.. Except the fact that I am broke for the next couple of weeks.. Think I even overdrew my account last night. Oh well, I always find a way to get.. uhm, food.


3 kommentarer:

Noshabelle sa...

Ååå, elsker den t-skjorta!! Den var rå kuuuul! :D
Jeg tror jeg skal ordne en sånn t-skjorte. He he.

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

veldig kul t-skjorte. My god som jeg gleder meg til sommeren. Får ta saksen frem om vi ikke finenr noe som ligner i butikken... hot hot hot

Lise sa...

Jepp, jenter.. Vi får håpe den kommer til en eller annen butikk her!