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tirsdag 25. august 2009

Before The Lobotomy..

Went to a party the other day with a white sequin dress.. I love sequins - feels like dressing up, even though the dress in itself can be quite casual. The top-picture is my newest tattoo, that I promised I would show you guys months ago..
And "before the lobotomy" isn't as gross as it sounds - I went to the Green Day show in Sacramento yesterday, which was awesome, by the way!! They played for 3 hours, ran around, had an insane stage show, and played songs from their entire career.. I like it.

4 kommentarer:

hayley sa...

i LOVE the placement of your new tattoo!!!! i really want to get another one and i would love it in that spot. very awesome!
killer blog, by the way!

Lise sa...

Thank you so much :) I love the tattoo. It didn't hurt, so you should just go ahead ;)

Polliani sa...


WendyB sa...

Great dress!