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mandag 3. august 2009

Take from me my lace..

My hair isn't as orange as it seems in the pictures, I promise! But anyway.. I bought this lace sweater in London (at H&M actually - the Trend department), and it's amazing.. Love how it makes the simpliest outfit looks better, just because it's simple, yet full of details. In addition, I have a thing for lace these days. Or, I've had a thing for it for quite a while..
I have quite a busy schedule for the time being. During the next couple of weeks I have lots of work, a trip to Trondheim, then back home, packing, then I'll be moving to San Francisco. I suppose the time will move so fast that I'll be boarding the plane to San Fran in a heartbeat. Oh god, my heart just skipped a beat there.. I'll go get myself some chai tea to calm myself down now.

4 kommentarer:

Later that day sa...

det ble kjempe kult da!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! sa...

cute top! I know what you mean about your hair...a few years back I dyed mine brown and it always had a orangish tint in pics, but looked different in person ;)

♥ Cara Mia ♥ sa...

yay! san fran here you come!!!!

Lise sa...

Later that day: tusen takk :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion oh my: thank you :) yes, it's always different on pictures.

Cara Mia: yeah!!! It's getting so close..