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lørdag 21. november 2009

Could it be you found another game to play..

Here I come, thinking that California is a warm place. I was WRONG! Apparently, there is a difference between North California and South, and since I am in the north, I basically went to where it's cold. If I had known that, I might have chosen a different place. Okay, maybe not.. I'm just complaining a bit, even though I have no reason. If I was back in Norway I would probably be way colder than I am here. After all, today I am actually wearing my leather jacket. However, I do have to wear my faux fur every now and then, especially at night time. Which I really do not mind. Red lips and faux fur was a part of my outfit yesterday.
Oh, and I am going to Florida next week for Thanksgiving! And I can't wait. It's supposed to be warmer there, so I might be able to wear some summer clothes, yet again. Joy.

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Noshabelle sa...

Å, du er så heldig! Red lips and faux fur = hawt. Kos deg!