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I'm a hippie at heart with a deep love for rock 'n roll. I love fashion, art, people, Beatles, big cities, faux fur, coffee, tatoos, wine, red lipstick, rock n' roll, cigarettes, clutches, dresses, music, leather, London, lace, books, green and white tea, Bob Dylan, politics, hippies, inspiration, memories, sequins, nailpolish, conserts, Nirvana, summer, shabby things, chai latte, incense, to write, grunge, autumn, magazines, Velvet Underground & Nico, flea markets, Berlin, vintage, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, fringes, big earrings, Camden and sometimes changes.

onsdag 4. november 2009

Crazy times..

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am in the middle of a midterm period again, which is wearing me out. In addition, there is about 100 other things that are wearing me out as well, and the funny thing is that it's not bothering me at all. I have this way of just saying "I'm done", and then I actually am done. So at this point I am actually quite positive.. Who knew I had it in me?!


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