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fredag 23. januar 2009

But don't think twice, it's all right..

Bought this lovely jacket today. I've been wanting a bikerjacket forever, but have not had the money, or there's been no one left in my size. But today (and I really don't believe in fate, but this made me reconsider) I suddenly saw it as I was quickly looking through the stuff at H&M. Right now I'm just waiting for warmer weather, because with this insane wind, I can't wear it without the risk of dying by the cold, or at least catching a cold.. So let's cross our fingers for warmer weather, shall we?

Oh, and right now I am so hyped on getting new tattoos.. I know which one I will take next, but I'm starting to get more and more ideas, and need to sort things out a bit before I decide. But, a new tattoo will come! Let's just hope I got a camera at that time, so I can show it to you..


8 kommentarer:

Miss Jenny sa...

Den var kjempe fin! Passer nok veldig bra på deg :-)

Blir "om" neste tatovering eller? :-)

Later that day sa...

Veldig kul.. Får jammen håpe det blir varmere snart ja!

ryder sa...

teh jacket is fantastic. i want to get one myself (again), but this time in color like green or white.

Silje sa...

The Jacket!=D<3

Mia sa...

fin jakke! :)

Lise sa...

Jenny: ja, regner med at det neste blir det "ohm"-tegnet :)

Ryder: yeah, I would really like a green one.. I think this jacket comes in white too, actually.

Later that day, Silje og Mia: takk, jenter. Den blir råkul mot sommeren.

Noshabelle sa...

Skinnjakka er rå kul! Jeg vil ha varmt vær nå!!

Krystal sa...

love that jacket!