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lørdag 17. januar 2009

The confusion in her eyes says it all, she's lost control..

Clothes is not my only weakness; music is one also, if not even bigger.. I've written about music here a lot, and there's no doubt that music is a huge part of my life. So, naturally, I'm trying to get a bigger cd collection, so being in a recordshop is seriosly torture! Yesterday I was going to a musicquiz, and went by the recordshop in town also, and it ended up as it always does; not good. I always walk around for a long time, take with me everything I want to buy, and suddenly I have over 10 cds in my hands. And there it starts, suddenly I have to pick which cds I want the most, because I realise that I can't affort them all. And then, when I finally decided, I hurry up over to the register so that I can't change my mind.. It's very stressfull :P
So, yesterday I ended up with two "best of" cds: Joy Division and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Great bands :D

2 kommentarer:

Noshabelle sa...

Musikk er noe jeg IKKE kan leve uten! God kjøp!! ;)

Krystal sa...