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mandag 5. januar 2009

Feel the beat from the tambourine...

So, I have a problem: my camera doesn't work! It had an accident on New Years Eve, and hasn't recovered, poor thing. Therefore, I can't take any outfit pictures, or any pictures at all, for that matter. I'll try to have it fixed as soon as possible..
Now I'm back in Trondheim, ready to go back to school, which I'm doing today actually. Got class at three.. And there are thousands of things to do, with no money to do it.
I am going to enjoy my coffee for a little while, buy some cigarettes and then go out in the beautiful snowy weather, which I would show you if I had a CAMERA!
Have a great day everyone :)

3 kommentarer:

Noshabelle sa...

Uffda, kjedelig å ikke ha kamera, men det er nesten enda verre å ikke ha nett.. :P Men men.. God nyttår hvertfall! :)

Silje sa...

What are you studying?=) I am living outside Trondheim, hehe cool!=D

Lise sa...

Noshabelle: det er skikkelig kjedelig.. Men får prøve å fikse det :)

Silje: jeg studerer statsvitenskap. Trondheim er en fin by :)