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onsdag 7. januar 2009

Some people within the fashion world predicts that the year of 2009 will be a big year for the jumpsuit. Personally, I wouldn't pass down an opportunity to get the one at the right, but what do you think? Should jumpsuits recieve a spot among the trends for this year?

Today I went shopping with a friend of mine; Else. It was really nice, with the snow on the ground. Perfect harmony (until the bus wouldn't show up, and it snowed like hell, that is). I bought a few things, like a bag and a small purse, but since my camera is broken, I have no pictures to show you. Maybe I will find a way later :)

Of course, I have big plans for the evening; make myself a coup of tea, read some magazines and keep knitting on my scarf.. Perhaps I will even watch a movie. Going out in this weather is not very temting..


Photo from InStyle.

2 kommentarer:

Roy A sa...

Godt å se at det er kaldt i Trondheim også!

Du burde se Ed Wood i kveld, den skal visst være bra!
Tenkte jeg skulle se den selv i kveld.

Lise sa...

Nå er det plutselig regn og sånn her, det er litt dritt..

Ed Wood har jeg faktisk ikke hørt om.. Hm.