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tirsdag 7. oktober 2008

Going back home.. sort of.

When you move out, there is a period where you're not sure where home is. Right now I'm stuck between to; I'm on my way back home to Trondheim (where I study) after being home at my parents house for the weekend. Loved being back home again, and I had an amazing time. Missed Oslo too, and realized how much I missed out on by moving across the country (well, almost across; I'm not going any higher up, it's simply too freaking cold..). Anyhow, I sitting on a bus. So, in about 8 hours, I'll be back home.. The other home. This was confusing. Well, I'll put some music on, and hope that this will go faster than I believe that it will. Why I didn't take the plane? Because I used all my money on buying things, or on food. Great. Wish me luck..

Oh, and Oslo; I will see you again in a month.

2 kommentarer:

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

he he..god tur.. skjønenr at du prioriterte å bruke spenn på shopping og ikke fly. du får sette på MGMT på ipoden din, så går reisen fortere:)

Lisemor sa...

Jepp, la inn masse nye sanger før jeg dro opp. Hjalp det! Særlig med tanke på hvor lite søvn jeg fikk, siden det var så kaldt på bussen :P