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I'm a hippie at heart with a deep love for rock 'n roll. I love fashion, art, people, Beatles, big cities, faux fur, coffee, tatoos, wine, red lipstick, rock n' roll, cigarettes, clutches, dresses, music, leather, London, lace, books, green and white tea, Bob Dylan, politics, hippies, inspiration, memories, sequins, nailpolish, conserts, Nirvana, summer, shabby things, chai latte, incense, to write, grunge, autumn, magazines, Velvet Underground & Nico, flea markets, Berlin, vintage, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, fringes, big earrings, Camden and sometimes changes.

tirsdag 23. desember 2008

I wanna live, I wanna give, I've been a miner for a heart of gold..

Pure beauty.. How I wish I looked like this on a cold wintersday.
Photos from Knight Cat.

5 kommentarer:

Song of Style sa...

Love this spread!!
Yes, I live in SF but I'm originally from LA(and that's where i am right now for a week or so)
SF is awesome except that it's super cold..
You should def. come visit! =)
Have a merry christmas!

Noshabelle sa...

I wish that too! Det er utrolig vakkert. :)

Happy holidays!!

Lise sa...

Song of style: That's sounds great.. I really wanna see the city. Hmm, how cold? :P
Merry Christmas :D

Noshabelle: God jul til deg og :) Håper du har hatt en kjempe fin kveld..

Hippie, hippie - milkshake sa...

for en nydelig kjole...

Lise sa...

Ikke sant! Jeg synes den både er romantisk, men allikevel er det noe litt grunge/rocka over den..